KUROFUNE Initiative

Community Engagement and Education

The Kurofune Ensemble is an exciting new collaboration between musicians, dancers and educators whose goal is to create a unique bridge between Japanese and American culture through performance art.
Kurofune means "black ships". This was the name given to vessels arriving to Japan during the Edo period, and became a symbol of the end of Japanese isolation.

Our outreach program connects young Japanese and American students, exposes them to cultures of other countries, and teaches improvisation, giving them the tools they need to succeed and be happy in an ever globalized community.

CRESCENDO! Music Program

Community Engagement and Education

Daniel Kurganov is a mentor in the CRESCENDO music program of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. Working with a team, he engaged young people all over Boston in exploration of musical instruments, composition, conducting and more.
The Boston Philharmonic believes that classical music can be enjoyed at any age, and it is never too early to begin learning. We are committed to providing opportunities and tools for our community to learn about and help create a personal connection to classical music. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive educational experience that students can take from the classroom to the performance hall to their homes, with school visits by BPO musicians, free tickets for school groups and program books designed just for kids, and online study guides and activities for kids to work on with their teachers or families.