UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who participated. We raised over $450 for Mr. Takaki's Tea farm!

In 2015, during the Boston Chamber Orchestra's tour of Kyushu, Mr. Akihito Takaki invited us to to beautiful Hoshino-mura in a meeting of beautiful tea and beautiful music. It was the most wonderful time I have had in Japan after having been 3 times now. I was honored to be a part of that incredible trip and have stayed in touch with Mr. Takaki ever since. His green tea is the best I had ever tried, and I continue to order it from him.

On July 05, 2018, a series of floods devastated Japan, and as of today 200 people have died. The situation is still unfolding. I have been talking with Mr. Takaki over the last several of days and thankfully none of his family or team were hurt. However, his farmland and equipment received a very heavy blow.

I wish for those of us who were lucky enough to visit Yame, and as well anyone who appreciates the great tradition that Mr. Takaki carries on, to band together at this time and help him as much as we can.

Please donate through Venmo (preferred) or PayPal/credit card below, and I will surprise Mr. Takaki in a few weeks with what we have collected. Let's try to raise $500, hopefully more. I will include the name and amount of each donation (unless you request anonymity). I will update the current amount below and post updates here in general.

Absolutely 100% of donations ​go directly to Mr. Takaki and his family tea farm. Though the damage is probably in the many thousands, I am sure this will create some relief and make a difference.

Contact me with any questions.
daniel.kurganov@gmail.com (773) 666-3241

THANK YOU...let's do it!


$451 / $500